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Mum finds sex videos on hacked Facebook page of son

Wednesday September 1, 2010


A PARENT of a child in a Miri primary school was irate when she found nude photos and sex videos on her son’s Facebook page.

It had apparently been hacked, said the parent Vivian Chai, 40.

“I am not happy with what I found and I know there are some things I have to do since my son has classmates who may be affected as well,” said Chai, who is a Facebook user as well.

The worried mother discovered that the hacker had a Facebook account owned by one of her son’s classmates.

However, the classmate claimed that he was unable to log on to his account after the hacking had taken place. Chai lodged a complaint with the school.

The school’s vice-principl, when contacted by StarMetro, was disappointed with what had happened.

“Never would I think of finding this sort of thing in my students accounts,” she said, adding that she too had a Facebook account.

“As far as I know, it is the first time that a parent has informed me of this. This is why I had warned my students not to get addicted to social-networking sites.”

She said the Internet was a useful tool for learning but there must be precautions.

“Parents must monitor the sites their children visit and what they do online.

“They have to learn the technology so that they will not be fooled by their children. As a school, we are not saying it is not our responsibility, but we hope the parents will work with us to prevent our future generation from being polluted by bad influences,” she said.

Miri Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission deputy director Gidah Menon said the commission had received many similar complaints from parents but there was not much the commission could do except teach them how to report to the Facebook administration about their hacked accounts.

Hacked Facebook users can go to and click on hacked accounts and spam to report hackers and prevent them from misusing personal information.