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Acid used in attack on teacher?

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

By Hariz Mohd

KUALA LUMPUR: The alert level against the lone motorcyclist who attacked at least 13 people with an unknown liquid was raised after it was learnt that he could have used acid on his latest victim.

The victim, SMK Bukit Bandaraya teacher Norhayati Sarafudin, suffered serious burns to her face and was still warded at the Kuala Lumpur Hospital after the attack on Thursday.

Her condition was listed as stable, but her injuries showed that she may have been attacked with a substance that was more potent the one used against the assailant’s other victims.
In the previous attacks, the victims received outpatient treatment after suffering burning sensations on their skin, but Norhayati’s injuries were more serious.

The victim’s husband , who declined to be identified, said even Norhayati’s clothes and headscarf were burnt by the liquid.

“The interior of her car was also damaged, including the electronic system of the power steering,” said her husband, who did not allow his wife to be photographed or interviewed. He said the attack occurred about 4pm when she was driving out of the school compound.
“A motorcyclist drew abreast of her and threw the liquid at her through an open window. When my wife stopped the car, several people came rushing to her thinking her car was on fire as there was a lot of smoke.

“Only after she started screaming that she had been splashed with a liquid did they realise what had happened.”

One of her student’s parents drove Norhayati to her house nearby where she took a shower and changed her clothes before sending her to a medical centre in Bangsar.
“Since her injuries were serious, she was referred to the KLH where she is still warded. Doctors said her eyes were spared as she was wearing spectacles,” her husband said.

He also showed the damage to Norhayati’s car, which was still parked at the school compound. There was also an acidic smell when he opened the car door.

Brickfields district police chief Assistant Commissioner Wan Abdul Bari Wan Abdul Khalid said the liquid had yet to be identified by the Chemistry Department. Police had announced that the assailant was believed to be dark-skinned and in his 30s. He usually rode a Yamaha motorcycle.

Those with information can contact the Brickfields district police headquarters at 03-22742222 or the nearest police station.

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With the right spirit, success can be yours

Tuesday March 8, 2011



I REFER to “Recognise talent and help others to soar” (The Star, Mar 7).

During my initial years as head of SMK Bukit Mewah secondary school in Seremban, a persistent “headache” was to get students actively involved in co-curricular activities.

Neither was it easy to get teachers to be committed in leading and guiding these activities, which were usually carried out after school hours and/or during weekends.

Parents’ overemphasis on examination successes was another big hindering factor. There were always excuses: no after-school free time, need to attend tuition, piano and dance lessons, no transport, no extra pocket money, can’t afford to buy uniforms or instruments, no interest, no benefits, etc.

Doing co-curricular activities was merely for the sake of doing, or because you were instructed to.

Then the Education Ministry introduced the post of Senior Assistant for Co-curriculum. I seized upon the opportunity and chose a lady teacher, Chang Fui Chin, for the position. I perceived she had the potential for greater things beyond just classroom teaching.

In the months that followed, Chang restructured and reorganised the three main streams of co-curricular activities: the uniformed units, sports and games, and clubs and associations.

She engaged a few key teachers in discussions and came up with the rules, regulations and schedules for the activities to be carried out.

She initiated many school competitions, thereby providing avenues for more students to be involved. She encouraged all levels of participation and generously rewarded those who succeeded.

Chang emphasised on parents and students the importance of co-curricular activities in character building. She wanted the students to see the benefits of a wholesome education. She even made home visits to convince some parents to get their children involved.

She spared no effort in showering appreciation on teachers who had helped. At times, she even bought them small gifts.

All co-curricular activities and successes were proudly announced in school assemblies and all wins were celebrated. The successes were documented in school bulletins and school activity albums.

Special notice boards were put up and filled with action photos of students participating in co-curricular activities. Later, when school successes were reported in the newspapers, these reports found their way to the notice boards.

A year or so later, it was obvious that there was a new culture, a new understanding, a new belief, a new commitment for co-curricular activities in school. Students had to “compete” to enroll themselves in certain activities. Teachers, too, had become more committed.

The school began to win competitions at district and state levels.

Chang produced a very comprehensive manual/booklet, Organising School Co-curricular Activities, which became a well sought after reference for schools in the state.

What had made the difference? It was the proactive attitude and the sense of responsibilities of a senior assistant! Chang had not let the past performance of the school determine its potential.

Her personal and hands-on involvement, her knowledge and skills, her self-confidence and confidence in others, her likeable manners and her approachability to students, teachers and parents alike and, above all, her conviction that co-curriculum was vitally important for true educational success.

All these enabled a “paradigm shift” to occur in the school.



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Parents must be rational and not tear into teachers

Tuesday March 8, 2011



I WRITE in response to “Overprotecting parents judge prematurely” (The Star, March 6). I agree with the writer on this issue.

There had been cases where teachers were guilty of abusing students.

Nevertheless, there had also been cases of students weaving stories to accuse teachers of abusing them.

A few years back, when I was teaching in a primary school, one particular temporary teacher caned the students who failed their tests.

One of her students went home and complained of a bruised palm.

His mother took him to the clinic and got the doctor to write a medical letter on that wound.

The mother marched her son to the school the next day and demanded that the teacher apologise to her and her son. But the teacher explained that she was not at fault because she hit them very lightly on the palm, which would not leave any mark at all.

The mother refused to accept that explanation and threatened to report the matter to the police. The headmaster pressured the teacher to apologise. The teacher stood firm and said she would rather quit the job than apologise for something she had not done. That week, the teacher left.

Upon investigation, we found that the boy kept some thumbtacks in his bag which he used to poke his palms. Then he would peel off the skin.

It was a case of self-abuse and it showed that the child was craving for attention and should be sent for counselling.

Protecting children from being harmed is a natural instinct of parents, but we should always investigate before arriving at a conclusion.

Teachers are merely humans who might sin. It is the same with our children, who might weave stories to deceive parents into believing they had been victimised.

Be rational parents. Scrutinise the matter before targeting teachers.


Kuala Lumpur.

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ICT quiz for primary schools

Monday March 7, 2011



SIBU: The Sarawak Cybercafe Association is inviting students to participate in its primary school ICT quiz contest which will be held at 9am on March 26 at Chung Hua Primary School here.

The contest which is aimed at introducing ICT to students is divided into two sections – A for Primary 1-3 and B for Primary 4-6.

Participants can use either English or Chinese to answer the questions.

Registration of participants will be carried out at the Sibu Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry and at Terazone IT Centre, Level 5, Wisma Sanyan before March 21.

The top five in each section with the most correct answers stand to win RM30 each; RM20 each for the subsequent 10 winners; and RM10 each for the last 10 winners.

Materials for the contest can be uploaded at http://www.cybercafe.net.my IT Knowledge for schools.

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‘I want a transfer to another school’

Tuesday March 8, 2011



KANGAR: A Form Three student of SMK Syed Safi who was allegedly beaten up by a group of 10 boys last Friday has asked to be transferred to another school.

Muhamad Shahfaly Anoar, 15, expressed his wish to state education director Mansor Lat when the latter visited him at his house in Simpang Empat yesterday.

Concerned sibling: Four-year-old Mohd Alif Irfan checking his brother Muhamad Shahfaly’s fractured arm at their home in Simpang Empat, Perlis yesterday.

“I hope I can be transferred to a new school as I do not feel safe at the current school anymore,” he said yesterday.

Muhamad Shahfaly suffered a fractured left arm, sprained shoulder and cuts on his left cheek after 10 students allegedly beat him up in the 11am incident on Friday.

He was reported as saying that his assailants were angry with him for reporting them to a teacher.

Muhamad Shahfaly was reported to be in a classroom when a student dragged him outside where 10 students were waiting. However, he said only three of them hit him.

Four suspects have been remanded.

Mansor said the department would consider Muhamad Shahfaly’s request.

Mansor said the teacher, who was conducting the class when Muhamad Shahfaly was dragged out of the classroom, did not realise what had happened as he was at the front of the class doing some carpentry work.

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Pelajar belasah rakan hingga cedera mungkin dibuang sekolah

08 Mac 2011, Selasa


MANSOR Lat melihat tangan kiri Muhamad Shahfaly Anoar yang patah dan terlucut bahagian sendi bahu selepas dibelasah rakannya ketika ditemui di Kampung Syed Kassim, Simpang Empat, Kangar, semalam.


KANGAR 7 Mac – Empat pelajar yang sedang disiasat polis berhubung kejadian membelasah Muhammad Shahfaly Anoar, 15, mungkin akan dibuang sekolah.

Pengarah Jabatan Pelajaran Negeri (JPN) Perlis, Mansor Lat berkata, tindakan itu akan diambil jika terbukti empat pelajar berkenaan terlibat dalam kejadian itu.

“Tindakan buang sekolah hanya akan diputuskan setelah Jawatankuasa Disiplin Sekolah bermesyuarat dan selepas siasatan polis selesai, namun untuk waktu ini kita serahkan kes ini kepada pihak polis,” katanya.

Beliau bercakap kepada pemberita selepas melawat Muhammad Shahfaly bersama-sama pegawai JPN dan Pengarah Jabatan Kebudayaan dan Kesenian Negeri Perlis, Mohd. Rizal Ismail, di rumah mangsa di Kampung Syed Kassim, Simpang Empat, di sini hari ini.

Mansor yang kesal dengan kejadian tersebut turut mengarahkan semua sekolah mengambil tindakan tegas terhadap pelajar yang ponteng.

“Ini kerana hasil siasatan kami mendapati tiga pelajar yang terlibat dalam kejadian tersebut ponteng kelas walaupun berada dalam kawasan sekolah semasa hari kejadian,” katanya.

Beliau yang turut melawat sekolah Muhammad Shahfaly mendapatkan maklumat daripada kakitangan sekolah mengenai kejadian tersebut.

“Saya difahamkan semasa Muhammad Shahfaly ditarik keluar dari kelas oleh pelajar lain, guru yang berada dalam kelas tidak nampak kejadian tersebut kerana beliau dikelilingi oleh sekumpulan pelajar lain untuk memberi penerangan mengenai subjek yang diajar,” katanya.

Sementara itu, Muhammad Shahfaly berkata, akibat kejadian tersebut dia merasa trauma untuk kembali semula ke sekolah berkenaan.

“Hasil perbincangan dengan bapa, saya memutuskan untuk bertukar ke sekolah lain,” katanya.

Muhammad Shahfaly yang dibelasah oleh sekumpulan pelajar pada Jumaat lalu, terkehel tulang bahu, patah lengan kiri dan luka di bahagian kening.

Muhammad Shahfaly diberi cuti sakit selama 11 hari manakala empat pelajar berusia 14 dan 15 tahun yang dipercayai membelasahnya kini ditahan di Balai Polis Kangar.

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Kementerian belanja RM213j jayakan NKRA

08 Mac 2011, Selasa


BACHOK 7 Mac – Kementerian Pelajaran akan membelanjakan sebanyak RM213 juta bagi menjayakan pelbagai aktiviti dan program tahun ini untuk mencapai penarafan terbaik dalam Bidang Keberhasilan Utama Negara (NKRA).

Ketua Setiausaha Kementerian Pelajaran, Datuk Dr. Rosli Mohamed berkata, empat bidang teras akan diberi tumpuan utama termasuk membangunkan sekolah berprestasi tinggi (SBT).

Beliau berkata, ia bertujuan mengekalkan tahap profesionalisme perguruan bertaraf dunia dengan pendidikan global, selain mewujudkan lebih ramai pelajar mahir dalam matematik dan pengiraan ketika memasuki tahun tiga.

“Kementerian akan memperluaskan skop skim ganjaran dan hadiah insentif kepada kesemua guru yang inovasi serta mampu menunjukkan prestasi cemerlang.

“Kita akan memberi keutamaan dalam aspek ini sebagai perangsang dan motivasi kepada guru untuk meningkatkan tahap perkhidmatan pendidikan,” katanya.

Beliau berkata demikian kepada pemberita selepas merasmikan majlis penyerahan projek pembinaan baru Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Kubang Golok, dekat sini hari ini.

Sekolah bernilai lebih RM17 juta itu akan memberi kemudahan pendidikan kepada 286 pelajar tingkatan satu dua dan empat, terdiri daripada anak-anak penduduk kampung sekitarnya.

Antaranya, Kampung Kubang Golok, Kemasin, Perupuk, Tawang, Pantai Damak, Kampung Balai dan Kampung Sungai Hilir.

Seramai 18 tenaga guru bersama lapan kakitangan sokonganmula bertugas di sekolah itu pada awal bulan ini.

Rosli berkata, pembinaan sekolah itu menunjukkan Kerajaan Pusat tidak bersikap diskriminasi terhadap pendidikan rakyat Kelantan.

Beliau berkata, pembangunan pendidikan dan prasarana yang diperlukan pelajar disedia secara seimbang sebagaimana di negeri lain.

Katanya, bagi memastikan projek-projek pembinaan sekolah baru di bawah Rancangan Malaysia Kesepuluh (RMK10) berjalan lancar, satu skim penarafan di kalangan kontraktor akan diperkenalkan dalam tempoh terdekat.