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Time-based promotion scheme needs tweaking

Tuesday May 29, 2012


It is timely as it acts as a morale booster to those who are already serving, and an encouragement to those thinking of joining the profession.

With this exercise, a teacher will be placed onto the DG54 salary scale in his 26th year of service.

The automatic promotion into the next salary scale will benefit young teachers who have just joined the teaching profession.

However, there exists a group of teachers who came into teaching in the early 80s and were moved from DG41 directly into the time-based DG48 salary scale without going through the DG44 scale.

I have been in DG48 since 2002, after serving for 21 years, and now I am into my 32nd year of service.

With the recent announcement by the Education Minister, I should be placed in the DG52 salary scale this year.

It does not take into consideration whether an individual had served six years or 10 years in the DG48 scale. Everyone will be lumped into the same group.

It would be wise for the authorities to look into this somewhat unfair situation and come out with a solution agreeable to all who still love what they are doing after all these years.


Sungei Petani, Kedah.