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NATIONAL LIBRARY: Need for information literacy workshops

Thursday, May 31, 2012

I REFER to the report “A new era for age-old habit” (New Sunday Times, May 27).

National Library director-general Datuk Raslin Abu Bakar is very happy with the increase in membership and in the number of books borrowed.

But he failed to mention the role the National Library must play to enable Malaysians to be information literate.

In her paper, “Information Literacy Development in Malaysia”, (Libri, vol. 59 (2008) pp. 265-280), N.N. Edzan states, “PNM (the National Library of Malaysia) has plans to develop information literacy packages at the basic, intermediate and advanced levels that can be used by trainers in information searching workshops”.

This is a very important role for the National Library, as most Malaysians are not information literate.

Information literacy is part of lifelong learning and is crucial not only for academic and research purposes, but also in decision-making.

The National Library of Singapore, through its NLB Academy, runs information literacy programmes, starting from primary schoolchildren to adults.

S.E. Tan, Petaling Jaya, Selangor

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