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Managing wealth

Sunday June 3, 2012


AN exciting way to acquire practical exposure on managing personal finance is by playing a financial education board game.

DISTED College administration director and School of Business head Dr Liew Yueah Cin said that the CashFlow game was designed to give players lessons on strategies for making money and creating wealth.

“It challenges participants to take risks in various investment opportunities just like in real life. They’ll also learn the importance and impact of balancing personal income and spending to optimise wealth,” said Dr Liew.

Purely business : Students learning to manage personal finance by playing the board game.

Dr Liew recently conducted the CashFlow game competition for SMK Perai students in Seberang Perai.

The game workshop was chosen by the school as an enrichment activity for its students.

“The game was an interesting and insightful avenue for learning how to manage money well,” said student Kaviraj Muniandy.

He added that it showed them the practicality of using money wisely to build wealth for a secure future.

School mate Seah Yi Tong remarked that playing the game was like simulating real-life situations where investment opportunities abound for people to take calculated advantage of.

Another player, Chen Ching Ting too expressed her keen interest in the game.

“It was fun, interesting, challenging and educational. It has given me a greater awareness that it’s difficult to earn money.

“Therefore, I must make judicious use of my money to accumulate wealth.

“I’ve also learnt more about passive income which is derived from sources such as businesses, bank interests, stock investments and real estate,” she said.