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Steps toward single session school

Sunday June 3, 2012


THE Education Ministry would like to refer to the letter under the heading
Why the delay in approval of single session school?,
 by Joseph Michael Lee (StarEducate, May 6).

The ministry would like to express our appreciation for your concern on the above-mentioned matter. We are currently carrying out a detailed review of the Board of Governors’ request to have a single session school through the merging of SK St Michael 1 & 2, Ipoh.

However, terms and conditions need to be adhered to before the merging of any ministry schools can take place.

Application to merge two schools requires verification by the District Education Office and State Education Department, and 100% signed approval from parents. The schools’ administrations must also produce written consent.

There will soon be a Special Committee Meeting to discuss these matters before approval is sought from the ministry’s top management.