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Girl, 12, escapes from abductors

Sunday, June 10, 2012

By S. ISTA KYRA | ista@nst.com.my 0 comments

UNHURT: She was dragged into a car while walking to school, but jumped out of it near traffic lights

IPOH: A 12-year-old  escaped minutes after being abducted near Jalan Lahat here yesterday.

In the 6.40am incident, Year Six pupil A. Devi said she was on her way to revision classes at her school, SJK (T) Menglembu, when she noticed she was being tailed by two men in a black Proton Wira.

“The men, whose faces were covered with cloth, offered to take me to school in their car.

“I declined and continued walking, but before I knew it, I was pulled into the car,” she said here yesterday.

Devi said she struggled and tried to scream, but the man who had pulled her in covered her mouth with a piece of cloth.

“He kept saying he was not going to abduct me.

“He put me in the back seat before moving to the front passenger seat.

“The car made a U-turn and slowed down near traffic lights.

“That was when I jumped out of the car and ran as fast as I could.”

She said she ran towards a group of people in a restaurant to get help.

“I saw one of the men trying to give chase but he disappeared later. I asked a passer-by to lend me his mobile phone. I called my mother,” she said, adding that she was traumatised by the incident.

Devi’s mother, S. Nagamah, a factory worker, took her daughter to lodge a report at the Bukit Merah police station.

She said her daughter went to school in a van but the transport was not available during the two-week school holidays.

“Since she is accustomed to walking to school on Saturdays for co-curricular classes, I allowed her to make the 20-minute walk by herself.

“But after this incident, I will not allow her to walk alone anywhere.

“Luckily, the abductors did not harm my daughter and she escaped.”

Nagamah urged police to conduct more patrols in the area to catch the men who had tried to abduct her daughter.

“Hopefully, the public will also be on alert.”

Ipoh district police chief Assistant Commissioner Azisman Alias said police were investigating the claims.

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