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Lowering formal school age to five a good move

Monday June 11, 2012


I REFER to “Parents who share different views should also be accommodated” (Sunday Star, June 10). Yes, we must go by the wishes of all if possible.

It is the education of your kids and you have right to say what it should be and what it should not be. Let no one tell you what to do here.

As for me, lowering the formal school age to five years is a good step. A dynamic move, too.

It is not so much about placing younger pupils in school, but rather a move to ensure that children at that age are able to receive adequate educational exposure.

Since we are looking into revamping the education system in general this can be considered. The best interests of children should be the priority when we make any changes to the system.

Early education and schooling can also aim at producing quality human capital.

However, the Government should ensure that children in rural areas have the same pre-school opportunities as their urban counterparts.

Education must not only be learning but fun, too. It must bring the best out of our kids. Make them good citizens, and productive ones, too.

And no pressure please. We have had enough of that and we see the consequences of it already. Some kids just can’t take it. Sad but true.

And that said, please note that the Education Act is still silent on any flexibility here. So for any change it must be amended. And this can take time.