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STUDENT INDISCIPLINE: You need harsh medicine to treat the malaise

Monday, June 11, 2012

By Samuel Yesuiah, Seremban, Negri Sembilan 0 comments

THE students of today put the students of yesteryear to shame by their boldness, aggressiveness and violent nature. Students today are more boisterous and rebellious because they are more aware of their rights and know the limitations of teachers.

A teacher is bound by rigid guide lines and rules when enforcing discipline in schools. Caning, the most feared form of punishment in the olden days, is strictly forbidden today and can only be used by headmasters under specific conditions. In the old days, every teacher was a discipline teacher who kept a tight leash on students. Today, discipline is handled by some specialist teachers only.

The widespread student indiscipline such as gangsterism, bullying and truancy are symptoms of an educational system that needs to be revamped.

Having students who are non-academically inclined in normal schools is a sheer waste of human potential and a nerve-wrecking experience for academically inclined students and teachers.

These non-academically inclined students should be sent to vocational or technical schools where they can learn or take up some skills.

The short-term treatment for indiscipline in schools is to, “Bring back the cane” (NST, May 26). Teachers should be given the authority to wield power to bring order in the classroom and school. Public caning will definitely reduce disciplinary problems in schools. Fear and pain can bring them to their senses.

Psychology and counselling sessions, the most popular mode of discipline today, may not work with these hardcore and violent students. Only “pukul-logy” can discipline them.

It can be harsh, but that is the only way to discipline students who have gone astray. Since parents have failed to play their role as guardians, schools should be given the onus to punish them accordingly.

Student indiscipline in schools needs to be dealt with severely and urgently.

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