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Ministry needs to explain how ‘band exams’ work

Tuesday June 12, 2012


THE Government has introduced a new system for secondary students. I noticed some of the schools are not having any mid-term or monthly exams for their students, but they are evaluated through “band exams”.

I would like to know more on this system as when I spoke to some of these students, they said that they do have tests in the class but it was informal. They were not given any papers.

I guess students are taking things lightly as they do not have to sit for any major exams like mid-terms and final term.

How can the “band exams” help the students? How are the parents to assess the student’s performance?

I request the Education Ministry to elaborate on this matter so that parents would be aware, as some of them are really clueless on this system.

Secondly, will there be PMR for students now in Form 1 when they are in Form 3?


Kuala Lumpur.