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INDISCIPLINE: Students will hate teachers who cane them

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

By Uthayakumar Techinamoorthy, Kuala Lumpur 0 comments

I REFER to the debate on whether caning should be reintroduced in schools.

.Many believe that caning can lead to more harm than good.

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As a tertiary student, I do not recommend it. Caning can lead to more harm than good. There are better ways to improve a student’s attitude  or behaviour.

Caning not only hurts the student physically but also leaves a mental scar.

Teachers might think that they will earn the respect of their students by caning them. This is not so. The students will develop a hatred for the teacher who canes them and will only want to take revenge.

So, the intention of caning the person will not work here.

For instance, the student who is caned will feel he is no longer appreciated or respected.

This will affect his thinking, concentration and   desire to study. He is also likely to lose confidence in himself. In the end, it will affect his future.

I think it would be better to counsel students who misbehave. It would be   helpful if teachers can develop a good relationship with their students.

This is   important because it will encourage the student to become confident and do well in his studies  and in his life.

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