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INDISCIPLINE: Bring back caning

Monday, June 18, 2012

By A.S.R., Ipoh, Perak 0 comments

I REFER to the letter written by T. Uthayakumar “Indiscipline: Students will hate teachers who cane them (NST, June 13).

I do not agree that caning could lead to more harm than good. Students in the 70s were caned. We had less disciplinary problems because students were afraid to disobey rules and regulations.

Today, however, students are not afraid because teachers’ hands are tied and they cannot punish disobedient students.

Uthayakumar may have come from a school that may not have had hardcore students. Caning is not necessary in good schools. However, in schools where students are hard to deal with, it is necessary.

I am a teacher. I love my job and I do have good rapport with my students. Even so, there are students who refuse to do their homework or bring their books to school.

They have been sent for counselling. They have been given demerit points and have been advised. They are not bothered. They sleep in class and refuse to do anything.

They would not have come to this stage if they had been disciplined when they were younger.

They need harsh discipline. I hope the government will reintroduce caning in schools.

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