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Fathers have to be hands on

Monday June 18, 2012


I MUST congratulate the writer of the article Being a responsible father(The Star, June 13) for being a wonderful dad, judging from the advice he gave fathers.

However, the reality today is, many fathers perceive their role as a breadwinner. They work very hard to be financially sound, while neglecting other essential responsibilities of parenting to provide the best they could for their children, especially in terms of education.

Children attend a myriad of tuition classes from as early as Year One and they are provided with fanciful toys when young and sophisticated electronic gadgets when older. As such, they are fully occupied with all these and hardly communicate and express their feelings with other family members. But the fathers think their children are developing well and will naturally grow up to be good adults.

It is imperative that children experience the human touch in a family. Fathers as heads of their families should be there to show, by words and actions, what it means to cooperate, to be kind, generous, honest, caring, understanding, just and last but not least, to love and be self-sacrificing at times.

Children need to know that in life there will be trials, setback, disappointments, hardship and suffering, and at such times, fortitude, strength, perseverance, hope and faith are called upon so they don’t succumb to despair and suicide.

Thus, fathers need to be aware of their very important role in moulding their children. They need to spend time to bond with their children, to be sure that the children are sound not only academically, but also emotionally, spiritually, morally and socially.

The world will be a better place if the next generation is well-grounded, well-adjusted, strong in character and morally upright.


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