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Stopped from entering new school

Thursday, June 21, 2012

SABAK BERNAM: A group of parents and teachers from Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan Tamil (SJKT) Ladang Sabak Bernam lodged eight police reports at the district police headquarters, here, claiming that they were barred from entering the new school building yesterday.

The group, including a canteen operator, claimed 30 people blocked the entrance to the new school and threatened them to return to the dilapidated old school building located a kilometre away.

One of the parents, S. Raja, 53, said the old building was not suitable due to its bad condition and limited facilities.

“It is dusty as it is near the plantation and infested with snakes. We want our children to be safe and they should go to the new school,” said Raja.

Former student M. Satiswaran, 17, said a cobra once slithered into a teacher’s bag while she was teaching in a classroom.

Meanwhile, Sabak Bernam district police chief Superintendent Mushar Mohamad Noor confirmed the reports.

“We received eight reports and the case is being investigated under Section 506 of the Penal Code for criminal threats.”

Selangor Education Department director Abdullah Mad Yunus said the directive to move out was issued last week but was protested by those who claimed the new school roof was too close to the high voltage power lines and that the bridge to it was also too narrow.

“We have assurances from Tenaga Nasional Berhad that the high voltage power lines are safe while their claims on the bridge are wrong,” he said.

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