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Ensuring a right start in education

Monday June 25, 2012


PUTRAJAYA: As part of the Education NKRA, there is a strong focus on ensuring that every Malaysian has access to quality and affordable pre-school education.

With that in mind, the pre-school fees assistance scheme and pre-school launching grant scheme were formulated to assist in increasing pre-school enrolment.

The schemes are part of the Education Ministry’s (MOE) efforts to provide a strong educational foundation for all children in Malaysia.

The pre-school fees assistance scheme is available nationwide for students whose families require financial assistance.

Most of the pre-schools offering the scheme are located in rural areas, where students come from low-income households.

The pre-school launching grant scheme offers financial assistance for improving existing pre-school teaching facilities through the purchase of teaching equipment and upgrade of the school building, which will contribute to the students’ experience and education quality.