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A student’s cry for help

Thursday June 28, 2012


ONE day, a teacher in our school told the Science Stream students to stay back after assembly. The teacher then addressed the Science Stream students: “You are the asset of the school and we believe all of you can get straight A’s in the SPM.”

I see that only Science Stream students are cherished. Programmes are organised only for straight A students, while the weak students are ignored.

In my school, and also my friend’s, we find that teachers don’t have the commitment to help the slow learners.

Every school wants to be the best and to achieve that, they want more straight A students. But becoming the best school is not the reason why schools are built. It should be a place for all students – whether in the Science Stream or Art Stream – to learn and explore new things.

It is not just the schools’ fault, but also the Malaysian mentality. They think Science Stream students are the best. Others may be weaker, but the teachers can still put in some effort to help them achieve success.

I see students failing in their exams and I have discussed this with the teachers. They tell me that the students themselves hate to study, and the students have given up on education. Even if that were true, should the teachers do the same like the students? Give up on the students?

Students emulate their teachers, so why would a weak student strive to do well when the teachers themselves have already given up and lost their belief in the poor students? Children will surely give up if their parents do not believe in them. When teachers see students failing, they are supposed to work harder on them and motivate them, because these students need the teachers more than anything.

School should be the centre of learning for everyone. The Arts students, the technical students, all of us want a better future. We want to go to university, we want to give back to our country. We need the teachers, but the teachers have no faith in us because of our past failures.

The smart students are pampered with the teachers’ faith and motivation while the weak students are ignored. My friend is in the last class, and he tells me that his teachers aren’t bothered with teaching in his class.

Everyone is entitled to education, and we accept that teachers can’t do everything because they are only human. As for teachers who don’t help the failing students, maybe they can start anew. If we are your children, will you, as teachers, let your children sink into failure forever? So I beg the teachers to devote more attention to those who need them.

Every year, when the SPM results are announced, the Science Stream students are always the top achievers while the rest end up holding “a piece of failure”. Yes, we failed because of ourselves, and they succeeded because of their hard work. But we can’t stand by ourselves, we need you teachers.