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Thumbs up for Form Six rebranding

Saturday July 7, 2012


PETALING JAYA: Secondary school students think it is “cool” of the Government to rebrand Form Six to better reflect its role as pre-university education.

The news was exciting for Upper Six student Erin Lim Fei Ying, who said it was a good idea to bring together Form Six students, which meant that they would be out of the “regular system”.

“We (Form Six students) meet quite frequently to bond but we study in separate schools. It’s better if we are all together because we relate to each other,” she said.

Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said on Thursday that Sixth Formers would be placed in special study centres with different timetables and teachers.

This was a move to rebrand it to make it an attractive option for pre-university education such as matriculation courses.

Lee Yew Leung, 19, said the move by the Government was crucial to improve the reputation of Form Six education.

“My friends in matriculation or pre-university think Form Six is still secondary school and not higher education. In fact, the Form Six syllabus is much tougher,” said Lee.

His classmate, Chan Yuk Chuen, 19, agrees.

“There is a stigma that if it’s free and in high school, then it is of lower standard compared to courses in prestigious colleges,” said Chan.

National Union of the Teaching Profession secretary-general Lok Yim Pheng welcomed Muhyiddin’s plan, saying it was in line with suggestions by the organisation for some time now.

“Form Six education needs to be separated from regular secondary schools because it is much more advanced in the subjects. I hope more can be done to incorporate real-world learning into the syllabus like management and social skills,” said Lok.

A senior assistant, who has been teaching Form Six for 20 years in a Petaling Jaya school, said it was about time Form Six students received recognition as higher education students.

“We can then have classes without following regular school hours,” she said.