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Teens nabbed for beating up Form 5 student

Posted on July 10, 2012, Tuesday

KUCHING: Four teenagers were arrested on Sunday on suspicion of being involved in beating up a Form 5 student near the canteen of a secondary school at about 3pm on May 3.

The victim was leaving after playing basketball at the school when the group assaulted him with wooden sticks, continuing even though he had fallen to the ground.

The victim’s right eye was bruised and swollen and he had stitches on his head.

The parents lodged a police report.

To date, six suspects have been arrested. Several have been expelled from the school.

In another case, a 14-year-old student injured his right leg when two schoolmates flung him onto the floor at a school in Matang around 1pm yesterday.

It was said the victim from Malihah, Matang was unhappy about his school mates taunting him about his hairstyle. An argument ensued. The duo lifted him up and flung him on the floor.

He reported his ordeal to his teacher, and his father later brought him to hospital.

Police are investigating.

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