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BULLYING: When schools are a living hell

Thursday, July 12, 2012

By Samuel Yesuiah, Seremban, Negri Sembilan 0 comments

THE news report, “Bullies’ assault leaves teen with ruptured eardrum” (NST, July 10, shows that bullying and student violence are still a problem in schools, especially in boarding schools.

The report said a Form One student of a prominent boarding school was allegedly assaulted by five senior students in the dormitory.

The bullies, all Form Five students, had barged into his dormitory at 2.15am and subjected the students in the dormitory to 250 squats. Some were slapped for wrongdoings.

The teen was allegedly slapped twice by the seniors for not doing his bed before going for classes. He was warned not to report the matter to the authorities.

After he complained of dizziness and pain in the right ear, it was discovered by a doctor that he had ruptured his eardrum.

Bullying, fights and brawls in schools should be checked and student violence should not be condoned.

Wardens in schools with hostels need to exercise caution in supervising and keeping bullying in check.

Form One students are usually the target of bullying by seniors because of their vulnerability. Juniors are threatened with beatings if they report abuses to the authorities. So, they endure the pain and the bullying.

Students should not be allowed to assault fellow students.

Students who engage in bullying, fights and brawls should be caned and suspended.

Students should report to the teachers whenever they are provoked or bullied.

Many boys fall victim to bullies. They make school a living hell for good students.

A violence-free culture should be advocated in schools.

Hopefully, teachers, wardens, disciplinary teachers and parents will play their role as guardians and protect their children from bullies and hoodlums in schools.

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