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Teachers to prepare students for jobs of the future

Friday, July 13, 2012

PUTRAJAYA: Preparing the next generation for jobs of the future is the main challenge for teachers, especially master teachers (guru cemerlang), the prime minister said.

Citing robotic engineering as an example of a job that was not heard of when he was a student, Datuk Seri Najib Razak said teachers must educate their students to develop a higher thinking skill which is important in producing Malaysians who could work in fields which would exist in the future.

“We cannot identify the type of disciplines that will emerge in the next 15 years, of which our future generation may be forced to work in.

“We can, however, prepare them to think thoroughly, creatively and in an innovative manner so that they can adapt to any situation,” he told a crowd of 1,500 master teachers at an assembly here, yesterday.

Present was Education Secretary-General Datuk Dr Rosli Mohamed.

Najib said that preparing such individuals was vital as potential investors would always query about sufficient human capital.

Master teachers, he added, must know how to motivate students to come up with new ideas as it was not enough for students to just do well academically.

By training them to develop a higher order of thinking skills, the nation, Najib said, would continue to achieve success.

He said he was proud that the nation had 13,000 master teachers whom he called icons of the education system, since the idea came up 18 years ago, when he was education minister.

The master teacher position, he explained, was created to promote teachers without them having to forgo their responsibilities.

Previously, teachers who had reached a certain level graduated to officers in the state or district education department.

“The decision to create this post is appropriate. I hope we can produce more master teachers,” he said.

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