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Student dies after accident at school gate

Posted on July 15, 2012, Sunday

SIBU: A student of SMK Methodist died after she was knocked down near the school gate by a car driven by a schoolmate on Friday morning.

Lam Cheng Sie died from head injuries 17 hours later in the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit at 12.40am.

The Form 4 student was pronounced brain dead after the accident.

Civil Defence personnel rushed her to hospital and she was wheeled into ICU.

Members of the voluntary organisation happened to pass by the accident scene at Tun Abang Hj Openg Road at 7am.

Lam, 17, from Sie Poi Kheng Road was walking to school when the car driven by schoolmate Ho rammed into her near the school gate.

Ho, the son of the headmistress, was also heading for the school when his car went out of control, rammed it into a concrete fence of a house, then a lamp post, before knocking Lam down.

The hospital contacted the school to inform them of the accident, and that Lam had been admitted.

On Friday night, a group of more than 30 classmates, school mates and friends of Lam kept vigil in hospital.

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