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ENGLISH TEST: Put through needless stress

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

By C.S, Skudai, Johor 0 comments

RECENTLY, English language teachers, like me, at government secondary schools were instructed to sit the Cambridge Placement Test online.

We were not told the purpose of this test. It was upon us even before we could comprehend the situation.

Haphazardly done, the test only served to demotivate us.

First, the teachers were clueless as to why they were subjected to the test by the Education Ministry. Some of us are going to retire in a year or two.

What effect it would have either on us or the education system, only the powers-that-be know.

Secondly, the trauma and the inconvenience we experienced while sitting through the online test were indescribable.

We were told to sit for the exam only at school and under the supervision of the senior assistant. Fine, but our ordeal began only after that.

We tried to enter the system with the password given to us but to no avail. Undeterred, we tried and tried for a good three hours.

It was only after 2pm that some of us could get through the system and sat for the test.

Imagine the stress it caused! We were exhausted

Mind you, in between we had to rush to our classes to teach. It was extremely exhausting.

The people responsible for this mess owe us an explanation. We should not have been subjected to this sort of harassment.

Teaching is already stressful. As if that is not enough, we were saddled with mind-boggling tasks like this. Can someone in the ministry provide us a suitable explanation?

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