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SCIENCE EDUCATION: Revise science and tech syllabi

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

By Kauselya Muniandy, Ipoh, Perak 0 comments

I REFER to the report “ASM wants improvements in teaching of science” (NST, July 11).

The teaching of Science and Mathematics in primary schools lacks sufficient input and the syllabus needs to be revised.

Topics on agriculture and environmental issues are not given preference in our primary and secondary schools.

As an agriculture-based country, we should develop an interest in agriculture among youngsters from school days.

This is to ensure future talents for innovations in the agricultural sector so that development in the sector grows apace.

As a postgraduate student in environmental technology management, I can see that we lack environment-related professionals.

According to ASM president Tan Sri Dr Ahmad Tajuddin Ali, we also lack skilled human capital in agriculture and the environmental field. This shortage is because of a lack of interest among youngsters.

Critical thinking and current issues are two main aspects in learning science.

The science and technology subject syllabi should be revised more frequently to keep up with the latest findings and developments. More critical thinking approaches should be used during laboratory lessons.

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