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Mobile phones in schools not smart

Monday July 23, 2012


I REMEMBER comparing the brands of schoolbags and shoes during my school days long ago, and it looks like these days comparing mobile phones and other IT gadgets may soon become a reality.

I’m sure allowing students’ mobile phones in school will cause pain for some parents if their kids were to demand smart phones and other IT gadgets once schools allow children to bring them into class.

I see more negative impact from schools allowing students to do so. I do not see any constructive reason for the use of mobile phones for educational purposes, other than getting distracted and to develop a “show off” culture among students.

If parents were to argue that they need to contact their kids for security purposes, I suggest that the Education Ministry allow students to carry a mobile phone after introducing “jammers” in all schools to function during school hours.

This is to avoid students from using their mobile phones during school hours. I believe teachers should not be burdened further with having to keep students’ phones or with devising ways to control them from using their phones.

Valuable time would be saved for teachers and students to conduct their core business of teaching and learning, without any distraction from students using their phones.

The students are still contactable by their parents after school. It also makes the teachers’ lot much easier in not having to worry about being distracted by these issues.


Chennai, India