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Mobile phones in schools – yay or nay?

Sunday July 22, 2012




Errr… No. Although all these gadgets are really handy, it’s going to be ridiculously difficult to control how students use them.

Even if you restrict students from using them during lessons, it’s hard to say that all students will obey their teachers on this. Besides, it defeats the purpose of using the gadgets as learning tools.

At the same time, students could easily be playing Temple Runwhen they’re supposed to be looking for info online or something.

I’m not saying that all students will misuse these gadgets, but I am saying that it’s an unneeded temptation. As to safety and communications, there are public phones in school and parents can always call up the school if there’s any emergency. It’s an unnecessary allowance that will cause more disciplinary problems, in my opinion.

Wu Yee Pheng, 17, Penang Chinese Girls’ High School, Penang.

Nay with a capital N. if you actually knew us teens well enough, you would think twice before making this amendment. Furthermore, the traffic on sites like Facebook and Twitter and not forgetting Instagram would increase tremendously. I don’t trust myself not to go on social networking sites if i were to be allowed to bring my mobile phone, or any other IT gadget to school. Now the question is, do you?

Aneeshaa Choudhury, 16, SMK(P) St.George, Penang.




There is no right or wrong in bringing mobile phones and IT gadgets to school. It is how they use it. There is benefit to those who bring mobile phones as they can easily inform their parents when their class and school activities end. So, parents would not need to worry about their children. Besides, mobile phones have many uses.

Students can use the dictionary app to check the meaning of words that they don’t know. Whenever they can’t copy the notes quickly from the whiteboard, they can capture it. It is so fast and efficient. Can’t grasp what teachers teach in class? Students can record what the teachers say! As for IT gadgets, they can learn a new style of studying.

Students can use those gadgets for e-learning to read notes, do exercises and check answers.

Students can also google to find more information. The disadvantage of having those gadgets is that students tend to pay less attention to teachers, spend more time Facebooking and neglecting their studies. They have the right to bring the gadgets to school but they must be able to control and use them wisely.

Tan Hui Jin, 19, SMK Tmn Connaught, Kuala Lumpur.

The lifting of the handphone ban is long overdue. Our priority is the safety and security of our children. Especially after school ends and they are no longer in the school premises. What if they are being followed, assaulted or nearly kidnapped?

Mobile phones can also be used as tracking devices so that parents know where their children are.

Other countries have already allowed children to bring iPads and iPhones to do their homework and some countries have abolished textbooks as these gadgets have become the books. We have to move with the times. We can’t be in the dark ages while other countries have moved on. I am all for it!

Parent Nik Elin Nik Rashid, Kuala Lumpur.