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Number of international schools set to exceed target

Saturday July 21, 2012


KUALA LUMPUR: The number of international schools will exceed the target of 84 by 2020, Deputy Education Minister Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siongsaid.

He said there were 70 international schools in operation while 24 more licences have been approved.

“International schools form part of the Education National Key Economic Area under the Economic Transformation Programme,” he said at a signing ceremony between Lush Development, a subsidiary of IOIProperties and Rafflesia Education Group to establish an international and private primary school in Bandar 16 Sierra, Puchong.

Dr Wee said the ministry’s objective was to increase the number of international school students to 75,000 by year 2020.

“At present, the figure stands at 27,000. Of the total, 15,772 are foreign students and 11,278 locals. About 60% of the local students are Chinese,” he said.

He added that more Malaysians were enrolling their children in international schools.

Dr Wee said there was also an increase in the number of international school students from 8,294 to 23,159 from 2002 to 2011.

“The growth rate of 13.8% per annum is indicative of the growth of the market,” he said.

Dr Wee had said recently that the decision to lift the 40% quota for locals in international schools was in line with the Government’s Economic Transformation Programme to make the country a regional education hub.