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Parents of boy in alleged assault mull legal action

Saturday July 21, 2012


IPOH: The parents of a religious school student who was allegedly assaulted by 18 schoolmates are mulling legal action against the school for negligence.

Azian Ismail, 40, claimed the school in Kampung Gajah had not only failed to take any action against the culprits but had asked her son to retract his accusations against them.

“The school has called to ask us to settle the matter privately many times. Why are they protecting the culprits?” she told reporters at the Barisan Nasional Canning Garden Public Services and Complaints Centre here yesterday,

It was reported that Azian’s son was kicked and punched by the group at the school’s dormitory for allegedly stealing RM100 from another student last Saturday.

The victim had a swollen face and bruises all over his body and was forced to walk with a limp.

Perak Tengah OCPD Supt Mohd Fakri Che Sulaiman later revealed that the group had put the money there as a bait to entrap the victim.

Azian, a housewife, said that as far as she knew, the school had not started any investigation into the matter.

“Bullying is a serious matter but I have yet to hear of any investigation by the school or the Perak Islamic Affairs Department,” she said.