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Let standardised trial exams be fair

Wednesday July 25, 2012


IT is that time of the year when Form Three and Form Five students will be sitting for standardised trial exams set by their state education department.

I shudder to think that it will be a mockery of our education system if there are leakages in the question papers this time around.

This has been happening over the years. Last year, I highlighted this problem, and The Star carried the news in which the Deputy Education Minister Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong commented that measures would be taken in future to ensure that there are no leakages.

I certainly hope that this year and in the coming years, all those concerned can ensure that the standardised trial exams can be carried out in a fair manner.

Otherwise, it would be meaningless and defeat the purpose of running such exams. I believe the main aim in having these exams is that the respective education departments can then gauge the performance of the schools under their purview and make changes to improve, if there is a need.

Let this be a reminder to the Education Ministry, the various education departments and offices, schools, teachers and clerical staff to carry out their responsibility in a just manner and ascertain that there are no leakages in any exams, be it mock or the real thing.


Subang Jaya