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Inculcate good values from a young age

Thursday July 26, 2012


I READ with much remorse the report “Top Ten rude Malaysia habits” (The Star, July 24).

Malaysians have always been known for their excellent behaviour. But, now things seem to have changed drastically. It seems that not much consideration is given to good values and virtues by people.

We see in our midst, people, young and old, talking rudely to elders, not greeting when meeting others, interrupting conversations, talking loudly, not saying sorry and the like.

Aren’t these values taught at home and at school? Or perhaps this is lacking in schools and homes?

People are now slowly losing their values and virtues, like courtesy, gratitude, consideration, moderation, politeness etc.

These virtues need to be implanted in the minds of people, especially the young ones early.

What has caused this situation in Malaysia?

Basically, our education system and home education is the cause of the deterioration of values among Malaysians.

Perhaps parents are not inculcating these values at home. I believe proper education of children is important for the progress of mankind, and the heart of all education is spiritual and moral training.

Parents and teachers have a crucial role in guiding children in acquiring these values.

In moral training, mothers play a crucial role. They are the first educators of children and who establish virtues in the child’s inner nature.

They encourage child to acquire good manners, warn children against unbecoming qualities, and encourage them to show values like courtesy, compassion, kindness and trustworthiness.

As a developing nation, we cannot afford to be branded as nation devoid of noble values and virtues.

Such appraisals by magazines like Reader’s Digest surely will affect tourism and the name of the nation.

So, please Malaysians be courteous, polite, helpful, hospitable, accommodating, and caring to all.


Muar, Johor