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HANDPHONES IN SCHOOL: Decision will lead to a host of other problems

Friday, July 27, 2012

By T.A. Nayar, Butterworth, Penang 0 comments

THE use of handphones by students in schools ought not to be allowed. Many problems, such as cheating during examinations will arise.

.The use of handphones by students in schools will lead to other problems.

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Pupils who use them will distract others.

Teachers will have a colossal task of ensuring that there us no misuse during school hours.

As things stand, disciplinary problems in schools are numerous and the use of handphones will only increase them.

Furthermore, the number of students is large and monitoring the use of handphones by teachers would be impossible.

As it is, they already have their hands full and their main function is to teach and educate.

I was a teacher for more than 30 years and am aware of the problems faced by teachers.

As such, do not allow the use of handphones in schools.

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