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Parents and teachers responsible

Friday July 27, 2012


I’M a regular user of RapidPenang and have something to say about giving up seats to those who need it.

In the bus there are seats reserved for the handicapped/pregnant women/seniors. Most of the time these seats are taken by other passengers.

It is all right if there are no other passengers (that need these seats ) but many a time I have seen healthy normal passengers just continue sitting even with an elderly frail passenger standing in front of them.

There were many times when mothers with their kids and students (in their school uniforms) just sat there without a care in the world.

The other ugly sight is when a bus stops to pick up passengers, younger people and schoolchildren push and elbow to get into the bus first without any regard for the elderly/handicapped.

Once I told off a group of students for doing that and they just laughed. What is happening to our children nowadays?

I strongly believe parents and teachers have a role in this.

Please be good role models and teach the children/students common decency and manners, or else what goes around, comes around.


George Town