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STU wants more places for Orang Ulu & Penan

Thursday July 26, 2012


KUCHING: More places should be allocated to the Orang Ulu and Penan at teacher training colleges in the state as this would benefit the schools and communities there.

Sarawak Teachers’ Union president William Ghani Bina suggested that the Education Ministry give the Orang Ulu and Penan priority to teach in their own area.

He said not many from other communities would be willing to teach too long in schools in remote areas, where majority of the students were Orang Ulu or Penan.

“Allocating more places to the Orang Ulu and Penan will not only help solve the problem of frequent transfers but also create job opportunities for the Form Five achievers among the communities,” he said.

Ghani expressed his gratitude to the Federal Government, which responded to STU’s request to have more locals at teacher training colleges in the state.

He said STU had suggested 60% of the placements in teacher training colleges in the state be allocated to locals.

“The recent intake to the teacher training colleges in Sarawak was so far so good,” he said.

He noted that before this, only 30% of the placements were allocated for local teachers.

Ghani said the increase in local intakes would not only lessen the cost of sending teachers over to Sarawak, but the teachers would also understand the needs of the locals better.

“The training of locals as teachers will certainly lower the training cost.

“The local teachers are also more likely to devote more time to their duties as they know more of the needs and culture in Sarawak,” he said.

He believed that with Sarawakians teaching Sarawakians, the communication gap would be greatly reduced as local teachers understood the situation and culture of the community better.