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The moral of the story

Sunday July 29, 2012


WITH regards to the teaching of morals in schools (Absurd way to test morals, StarEducate July 8), an effective way of teaching is to illustrate each moral value with an inspiring tale.

For example, for family values, one might tell the tale of two brothers – one married with a family and the other a bachelor — who share the profits from a farm, and are so concerned for each other’s welfare that they regularly sneak a bag of grain into each other’s bin.

On the subject of honesty, one can relate the tale of a childless king who tested the children in his kingdom to find a worthy successor.

The boy who failed to produce some flowers from his seeds (because they had been boiled), turned out to be the only honest one among all those who brought pots filled with beautiful blooms.

I’m sure that such memorable tales will add colour and depth to what could otherwise be boring lessons.



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