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Tighten security in schools

Sunday July 29, 2012


I REFER to the report “
Students attacked in school by three men”, (The Star July 8).

Is school safe anymore? Back in the days when I went to school, such cases were not unheard of but rare. We now hear of similar crime cases happening around us almost on a daily basis.

The reported incident took place in a school compound. What action has the school authority taken to prevent such a thing from happening again?

School is supposed to be a safe place, a place full of good memories when we look back on our school days.

I am really worried for our children.When I was in school, we could move about freely within or outside the school gates without fear. But nowadays if you step outside the school compound, you may get kidnapped. Scary, right?

It is indeed heart-rending that schools should face such dangers.

Parents, teachers and all quarters must work together to ensure that the school is a safe place for our children.



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