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Use holistic approach to deal with wrongdoings

Sunday July 29, 2012

THE debate on the pros and cons of allowing students to bring handphones to schools rumbles on to good effect.

The conclusion is this: Students with handphones who use them wisely and correctly will reap the benefits. Those who use them improperly do themselves a disservice.

Instead of imposing dos and don’ts, restrictions and constraints, we should be working on transforming minds and changing mindsets.

Transforming minds – isn’t this what educational transformation is all about?

An interesting observation is this: Many have expressed concerns about students misusing their handphones at school. What about what they do with their handphones outside of school?

Is this the holistic education that we promote? Are students only to be angelic when they are in school?

Student indiscipline comes in all manner and forms.

While rules and regulations, counselling, punishment and rehabilitation are all necessary, many of our schools stop at that.

Schools and the education system as a whole need to do more and get to the core of the problem.

I believe that the root cause of all evil and bad behaviour is the lack of the fear of God in people.

School is where students first learn the Rukun Negara, the first principle of which is: Belief in God.

A healthy, reverential fear of God stems from a true belief in God. It is acknowledging that we are accountable to God on the Day of Judgement. All good teachings, ethics and moral values have a godly foundation.

The misuse of handphones is but one of the wrongdoings students may commit. Rules, regulations and punishments can only deter wrongdoing, they do not deal with the root cause.

We need to aim for value change; unless core values are transformed, nothing really changes.

A healthy fear of God will motivate one to do good and deter one from doing evil, even if no one is watching.



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