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Boy plays truant to avoid senior threatening him

Posted on August 1, 2012, Wednesday

MIRI: A Form 2 student of a government-aided secondary school here was reported to have played truant after being threatened by an older ex-student of the school.

The boy’s mother, who was informed about it by his form teacher, lodged a report at the central police station here yesterday.

According to a source, a Form 1 girl was behind this problem as she had falsely accused the Form 2 boy of pestering her.

The girl had originally been interested in having a relationship with the boy and had pestered him, but the boy did not respond.

She then bluffed her boyfriend, a Form 3 student expelled from the school three months earlier for indiscipline, that it was the boy who pestered her.

The senior student confronted the boy outside the school compound several times, telling him to settle the matter by being punched or paying RM50.

The boy opted to pay RM50.

The senior confronted the boy several times as he had yet to hand over the money, so to avoid the senior, the boy played truant twice.

The boy’s form teacher, noticing his absence in class, asked his friends why he was not coming to school, and they disclosed that he had been threatened by the senior.

The form teacher then called the boy’s mother to inform her of the situation.

Fearing for her son’s safety, the mother brought the boy to the central police station to lodge a report.

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