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No access to past English Literature papers

Friday August 3, 2012


MY son will be sitting for the SPM exams at the end of the year and will be offering English Literature as one of his subjects.

As this subject is not being taught at his school, he is preparing for it privately.

Past examination papers are routinely available at bookstores for most SPM subjects, but we scoured the shelves for the English Literature papers to no avail.

We have been trying to obtain these from Lembaga Peperiksaan for more than a year now, but have met with no success.

In our latest attempt, we were told by an officer from the SPM English Literature section that it was not the department’s policy to make available the past years papers for this subject.

Therefore, a student preparing for this paper should not have any access to past years questions in his/her exam preparations.

I would like to ask the relevant authorities, and indeed, would be grateful , if they might share with us their rationale for this decision.

As it is a crucial part of a student’s exam preparations to attempt past exam questions, why are these being withheld from students sitting for English Literature?


Petaling Jaya