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Ringing in good solutions

Sunday August 5, 2012


MANY are against schoolchildren bringing mobile phones to schools but I disagree with them.

To me, it’s all about how it would be used, and the rules laid down by school administrations.

Perhaps the Education Ministry can come up with guidelines on how and when students can use mobile phones at school.

I think schools should provide a locker for students to keep their mobile phones and remind them not to use it in class or during school hours.

If smart phones with 3G is a security issue then perhaps there should be a ruling that only phones with basic functions would be allowed.

Mobile phones are necessary for parents who need to reach their children for some reason, and for children to call for help when in danger or trouble.

While security, disciplinary and other issues may arise when it comes to allowing mobile phones at school, there is more good to be gotten from letting children and parents communicate conveniently.