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DPM: Do more to improve access to preschool education

Thursday August 9, 2012


PUTRAJAYA: The private and public sectors should work together to improve access to preschool education, said Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin.

He said the Government had offered incentives, such as grants, tuition aid and teachers’ training, to those who were interested in setting up private preschools.

“For the past two years, the Government has given out start-up grants to encourage the setting up of private preschools.

“The start-up grants will hopefully help new preschool operators set up more preschools in poorer urban and rural areas, as these areas are difficult for the Government to reach,” he said in his speech before handing out start-up grants to private preschool operators here on Wednes­day.

Muhyiddin, who is Education Minis­­ter, had announced in 2010 that start-up grants would be provided for private preschool operators to help improve access to pre-school education.

While 70 private preschool operators received start-up grants of RM10,000 each at the ceremony, a total of 220 operators qualified for the grants this year.

Muhyiddin also said that private preschool operators should report their student enrolment information to the Education Ministry.

“This is important in helping us plan for the future development and expansion of prescho­ols.”