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4G coverage for all schools soon?

Posted on August 18, 2012, Saturday

KUCHING: The Ministry of Education has proposed extending 4G coverage to schools following a decision to allow children to use information and communication technology (ICT) gadgets in school.
Deputy Education Minister Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong said a virtual environment would be required if the government decided to adopt the proposal of students using ICT gadgets in school.
Speaking to reporters here yesterday, he said 10,000 schools in the country had been included in the plan to implement 4G services.
“The ministry is still in the midst of getting feedback from all strata of population before a decision to allow ICT gadgets in school,” he said after a cheque presentation at Chung Hua Primary School 10th Mile near here.
Wee said various parties including parents, teachers and students themselves had responded to the suggestion.
“It is not yet decided as we are gathering feedback from the ground. Some people agree but some do not agree, and teachers have offered their opinions.
“Even school children have expressed diverse views. Some say it will make them happy and some say they are unhappy with the idea.
“Thus, we need to hear out as many opinions as possible before coming to a decision.”
Wee went on to explain that some media focused on smart phones in their reports while the ministry’s idea was to include all ICT gadgets.
“It is not just iPhones or other smart phones we are talking about. We are looking at ICT gadgets ranging from smart phones to tablets and laptops or netbooks.”
Last month, Wee announced that students would be allowed to bring ICT gadgets to school after rules and regulations under the Education Act 1996 were amended.
He said the move was in line with implementing the virtual teaching and learning programme, dubbed 1Bestari that offered free WiFI services.

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