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Baram needs more schools – STU chief

Posted on August 26, 2012, Sunday

HAPPY BIRTHDAY: Ghani (second left) at a simple celebration organised for STU members born in August and September.
KUCHING: Children in Baram are in dire straits because of the shortage of schools.
Sarawak Teachers’ Union (STU) president William Ghani Bina said the Education Ministry had thus far approved only seven new schools for Baram.
“There are still 10 more to go. We expect the government to implement the plans before the coming 13th general election.
“We do not want the government to lose for we all are government servants, yet the government must respond to our needs,” he said at a welcoming dinner here on Friday for participants attending the union’s 21st biennial delegates’ conference.
In general, he said, the ministry of education had paid attention to the union’s efforts and even adopted some of its suggestions.
On leadership, Ghani said leaders must be “fearless” in bringing up real issues to seek a solution or they should step aside.
He opined that they had to voice their concern without fear or favour lest they fail in the role of guiding and inspiring.
“If leaders backed down on a course of action, they are unfit to be in charge. Leaders must not be timid as many issues are awaiting their response.”
Ghani thus called on young leaders of STU to be selfless and brace themselves for the challenges ahead.
“Do not be a leader for yourself, but one for STU, for Sarawak, and even for Malaysia. Nothing can be more important than bringing up real and sensitive issues.”
He pointed out that the union had been raising genuine matters rather than complaining.

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