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CHINESE SCHOOLS: They love BM, just as I love Mandarin

Email Print 27 August 2012 | last updated at 07:52AM

By Kamal M., Sungai Siput, Perak 0 comments

WITH 30 years of experience as a former Bahasa Malaysia teacher in a Chinese primary school, I find that Rita Sim’s column, “Strengths and weaknesses of Chinese schools”, (NST, Aug 16) will interest many.
I would like to draw attention to Chinese students who are uninterested in learning Bahasa Malaysia and, thereby, restricting their opportunities to a higher education in Malaysia.
From my experience, most pupils in these schools do well in all subjects and, thus, can score in Bahasa Malaysia as well.
There will be some who do not pass Bahasa Malaysia despite scoring well in other subjects.
The problem, I believe, stems from a poor attitude, harking back to parents feeling that the national language is unimportant. Some even feel it is not a true national language and, therefore, unnecessary to learn it.
I have come to realise that upon proper exposure to Bahasa Malaysia, many students from Chinese schools will come to love and appreciate the national language.
This is similar to those who study Mandarin in these schools, including me, who have been enthralled by its pronunciation.
Mandarin has charmed me to the extent that I now enjoy listening to Mandarin songs and have them in my thumb drive.
Once again, congratulations to you, Rita, for raising awareness of Chinese schools in this country.

Read more: CHINESE SCHOOLS: They love BM, just as I love Mandarin – Letters to the Editor – New Straits Times http://www.nst.com.my/opinion/letters-to-the-editor/chinese-schools-they-love-bm-just-as-i-love-mandarin-1.129755#ixzz24uI1yrDs


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