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Parents urged to work hand-in-hand with teachers

Monday August 27, 2012


RANAU: Parents have been urged to work together with teachers to ensure that their children in Primary 1 and 2 will be able to master the basic art of reading, writing and basic arithmetic (3R) under the Literacy and Numeracy Screenings (LINUS) initiative established since 2010.

The headmaster of Sekolah Kebangsaan (SK) Pekan Ranau Mostajah @ Zunaidi Dullah insisted that parents played a very crucial role in assisting the school and especially teachers by transforming the teaching and learning methods to educate Year 1 students so that they could master the basic skills as per the LINUS initiative.

The initiative is part of the Education NKRA under the GTP and was put in place to ensure that children in Primary Year 1 to 3 are literate and numerate before they advance to Year 4.

The programme consists of 12 constructs for Literacy and Numeracy respectively which must be mastered by students before they start their normal class cycles.

The student must have the basic ability to read and write vocals and consonants as well as construct simple and compound sentences with conjunctions.

As for numeracy, each student must master the aspects of pre-numbers, number recognition followed by counting and understand the value of a number.

Students must also have basic knowledge of addition and subtraction, know Malaysian currency values, possess the ability to tell time and conduct simple transactions in ringgit and measurements.

“This will be further developed with the skills to translate ordinary sentences to mathematical equations and apply this knowledge to daily life,” he said during a briefing which was attended by parents in the school.

Mostajah was happy to announce that there were no more students under the LINUS programme in Year 3

He attributed the success to the students and teachers of the batch since Year 1.

A guide book was also presented to the parents to monitor and assist their children’s development at home during their participation in the programme.


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