2012, Arkib Berita, Keselamatan Pelajar/Kesihatan, Masalah Pelajar

Primary Six pupil attacks junior for refusing to share drink

Saturday August 18, 2012



A SCHOOL bully twisted the left arm of a 10-year-old student until it broke all for refusing to share a drink with him, Harian Metro reported.

The victim, Muhammad Haikal Azim Muhammad Suhaimie, had to undergo an emergency operation to reset the arm.

His mother, Rosalina Baharom, 34, said her son was waiting for the bus at his school in Brickfields when the bully, a Primary Six pupil, approached him and asked for the drink he was holding.

“My son ignored him because he thought the boy was only joking, what with it being the fasting month. The bully then kicked the table that my son was sitting on, causing him to fall flat on his face,” said Rosalina.

She said the bully then proceeded to twist her son’s arm, causing him to scream in pain.

The bully is a classmate of Muhammad Haikal’s older sister, who also complained of being harassed by the bully.

Rosalina said the school administrators told her that the school could not be held responsible for incident.

She has lodged a report with the police and the Education Ministry.


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