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Investigate if exam leaks are true

Wednesday September 5, 2012


IT is utterly disappointing and disgusting to read “Bent on acing exams” (Sunday Star, Sept 2).

The writer, a teenager, I assume, has raised some soul-searching questions that question our values as a society and a nation.

Leaks pertaining to various school exams, if really happening, and widespread as the writer alleges, must be investigated and stopped.

Isn’t such a situation a terrible slur on our education system, as the writer rightly wonders?

All the more, if responsible persons – teachers and tutors, for instance – are a part of encouraging and contributing to this illegitimate practice, it is absolutely disgusting.

Only recently, there was much publicity concerning “fake degrees” and “degree mills” and even some in high places possessing these “degrees” and benefiting from it.

If exam-question leaks truly exist and students are gaining an illegal advantage and even winning scholarships, as the writer states, this then is yet another undesirable “malignancy” in our society that must be identified and eradicated decisively and deliberately.

The writer, with youthful honesty, relates how he resisted against falling prey to the temptation of taking advantage of exam leaks.

Will we and our society also be honest and determined enough not to betray the trust of a young student in the values we should uphold: honour, integrity and responsibility?

Or will we fail in our moral obligation to perform our duty and, by allowing the situation to continue, in fact condone something so disgraceful and encourage more of our young people to go astray?


Petaling Jaya, Selangor