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Call to air ‘Oh My English’ for free

Posted on September 9, 2012, Sunday

KUCHING: Sarawak Teachers Union (STU)’s president William Ghani Bina agrees that some educational programmes broadcasted by Astro should also be aired in one of the free television channels since education is supposed to be free for all.
In a phone interview yesterday, he said the request from some poor students to air popular programmes like ‘Oh My English’ should be taken into consideration.
“When these students make such a request, that shows they are keen and want to learn to improve themselves.
“I really agree with their requests. Education is supposed to be free for all and the government should support this. Educational programmes like this should also be aired in free channels and not only in paid channels. Not everyone can afford to subcribe to expensive educational channels,” he said.
He was asked to comment on requests by several students recently that the ‘Oh My English’ programme on Astro should be included in one of the free channels during the weekend.
Many students love the programme because it teaches English in a fun way but unfortunately, not all could afford to subscribe to the Astro package.
They felt English is actually not an easy language to master and as such employing the fun way of teaching could be a very effective strategy to inspire love for the subject.
Ghani also agreed with this and he said even the government is placing great emphasis on the importance of English as it is the global language of Science and Commerce.

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