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EDUCATION: Better teaching environment helps

Email Print 10 September 2012 | last updated at 07:37AM

By V.T. Lingam, Kuala Lumpur 0 comments

PARENTS, teachers and students are waiting eagerly for the launch of the National Education Blueprint as this is the first time when everyone’s views were consulted for such an important agenda.
Hopes are high for efficient implementation towards the betterment of the education system.
It is the desire of every parent to see that schools provide a conducive learning environment where knowledge and values are imparted side by side.
We should strive for a healthy, knowledgeable, well-mannered, civic-conscious society that is fluent in not only Bahasa Malaysia and English, but also other dialects to lift Malaysia to greater heights.
Parents are hoping for schools with teachers who are masters in their subjects. Students are looking forward to effective classroom learning to cut down on the need for tuition classes.
Teachers are crying to be left alone to teach in class and not be burdened by administrative duties. School administrators are calling for a more efficient data storage and management system with the district and state education offices.
For teachers to be dedicated to imparting knowledge and fulfilling the wishes of parents and students, there should be a separation of duties in the running of schools.
The administrative head, on the other hand, should have enough clerical staff to key in all school data, see to correspondences and organisation of all non-teaching school events.
I hope the National Education Blueprint is able to address the problems haunting schools for decades and break the vicious cycle of unnecessary paperwork leading to poor planning and teaching.

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