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Flawed sex education in schools

Wednesday September 12, 2012



What is sex education? Is it only about the science and mechanism behind sexual intercourse?

A friend of mine, who is a high-school prefect, was conducting spot checks on students. She was about to check the pockets of a female student when she got an unexpected response.

“I would rather let my boyfriend touch my body than you!” the student told the prefect.

She couldn’t believe what she had heard and neither could I when she related the story to me.

The Education Ministry has tried hard to introduce sex education as part of the high-school syllabus, but it is all pointless.

There is no clear direction, whether or not our students will learn about the anatomy and mechanisms and the psychological part of it. Instead, everything has turned out just to prepare students for exams.

Sex education should be holistic and independent of the other subjects. It should consist of the science, psychology and ethics of sexual interactions that include the mechanism of sexual intercourse, sexual anatomy, birth control, male-female relationships as well as sexual misconduct.

Moreover, it is more crucial that these materials are delivered by professionals, for example, personnel from the Federation of Reproductive Health Associations, Malaysia, rather than ordinary biology teachers in school.

Apart from that, the involvement of parents in sex education is important. It is always best to first tackle the parents before the children. Only then can it be considered a holistic approach.


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