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Good balance of English and Bahasa

Friday September 21, 2012


I AM a product of the era when Maths and Science were taught in English and Sejarah (History) and Geografi (Geography) were in Bahasa Malaysia and that gave me a good balance of both languages.

Until today it has given me a good command of both languages, both oral and written. And it doesn’t make me less patriotic.

I note the level of English has dropped horrendously and this is noticeably true in most graduates today.

Most can’t string a proper sentence in English, let alone speak with confidence during interviews.

By reverting everything back to Bahasa Malaysia is like regressing instead of progressing to a developed nation. Is that where we are heading? I hope not.

Teaching Maths and Science in English and Sejarah and Geografi in Bahasa Malaysia gives a good balance and command of both languages.


Petaling Jaya


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