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Form 1 student walloped by seven seniors

Posted on September 22, 2012, Saturday

HURTING BIG TIME: Mohd Nazrin pointing to his eye which is believed to have been punched by the bullies.
MIRI: A Form One student claimed he was kicked, slapped and hit with a chair by seven Form Two students in a classroom during recess on Thursday after the victim had accidently thrown an areca nut at one of his attackers a day earlier.
The victim, Mohd Nazrin Hussin, 13, said well before the blows rained down on him, someone had thrown the nut from the ground floor of their school at Jalan Dato Abang Indeh and it hit him (Mohd Nazrin). He was, at that time, standing at the corridor on the first floor.
“I picked up the nut and threw it back, but, unfortunately, it hit a Form Two student,” related Mohd Nazrin to The Borneo Post on Thursday evening outside a police station here. He was brought there by his parents Hussin Yusoff, 51, and mother Sarimah Peni, 43, to lodge a report of the alleged assault.
Mohd Nazrin said the Form Two apparently got mad and immediately challenged him to a fight.
However, when he refused to take up the challenge and walked away, the fuming senior student rounded up six Form Two students and confronted him during recess the following day.
“It was about 3.30pm then and I was in my classroom doing my English homework.
“Before I knew what hit, they repeatedly slapped, kicked and even smashed my back with a chair,” said Nazrin.
His parents were later alerted of the incident by the principal who has suspended the seven students for five days.
“We are not satisfied with how the principal settled the matter. He even asked us not to lodge a police report,” claimed Sarimah.

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